Pogosto zastavljena vprašanja - FAQ

Do you have a question about transport packaging? Do you need advice? Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Is it necessary to obtain any special permits for export cargo packaging?

Our wooden boxes are manufactured to meet the highest transport packaging standards. Packaging is equipped with all necessary signs, warnings, declarations and other statutory information to ensure safe transportation of your cargo through customs and other inspections.

Is it possible to pack cargo at our desire location?

We have special Mobile Packaging Unit, which can pack cargo at your desired location (headquarters, buyer…). After getting familiar with cargo’s specification, we can produce the most appropriate wooden box for optimal packaging, to provide safe transport.

Our product (cargo) contains electrical circuit and other high-tech components. This should not be exposed to moisture, water or other external contaminants. Can you provide the proper protection?

The vacuum foil solves all of the stated concerns. Correct application of vacuum CLIMA Foil will protect your cargo from water, moist, contaminants (dust and other small particles that could damage your cargo), live pests (insects, reptiles…) as well as oils. We can also offer you wooden crate or just base for this specific cargo, for safe transport to its final location.

Our cargo has a specific form and dimensions. We cannot find proper packaging for it. Can you produce personalized packaging for our cargo and organize transport for packed cargo to reach its final location?

To provide you with first-class packaging service we need computer sketch of the cargo, pictures, dimensions, and weight. More information you can share with us regarding the cargo, the most optimal solution we can find. You are actively involved in the decision-making process through the whole project.

How fast can you provide us with the wooden crate?

We have to take few factors into considerations when it comes to how fast can we produce desirable wooden crate. Often it happens that we have a particular wooden crate in stock, you just have to send us as much information as possible regarding the cargo (dimensions, weight, pictures, form…).

Can your company besides packaging offer us the transport service for packed cargo?

Yes! With our strategic partners, we can offer you transport as well. In case that cargo is treated as oversize (special or exceptional), we can arrange all of the necessary permits, escorts (pilot cars) and appropriate means of transport.

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